The Official Outpost Server Store

Welcome  to the official Outpost store. You can find cosmetic ranks, in-game perks, and keys for loot crates in game. You can choose from the menu above or you may tap one of the buttons below.

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About The Outpost

This server was started on Instagram when Center's (our founder) was looking for people to play Minecraft with. What started off as a small group quickly grew into the first official launch of Survivalcraft (our old name) on April 20th 2019. Over the coming months the server would evolve and grow into the server you're playing on today. 

Thank you to everyone that's played on The Outpost, chatted with us on Discord, left comments, or purchased from this shop. Your support is the reason we are here today.

Have a retired rank?

We have setup a new page if you're looking for the benefits or information on retired ranks. You can get to this page by tapping on this link.